September 18, 2004
South Side Riverfront Park


2003 Festival
11a.m. - 7p.m. Saturday September 6
South Side Riverfront Park, Pittsburgh, PA

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We want express our sincere thanks for all sponsors, supporters, volunteers, participants, and spectators! We have worked together and have made the Pittsburgh Dragon Boat Festival 2003 a huge success. As an non-profit initiative, The festival aims to make Pittsburgh a more diverse and fun place to live by bringing the East cultures to the West. We are proud that many people truly enjoyed this Asian cultural showcase.

The Outcome
1. Estimated 9000 attendees.

2. Six hour long stage Chinese/Indian cultural performances.

3. Six hour long dragon boat racing.

4. Our food vendors regretted that they didn't have enough food to sell. We had 5 Asian food vendors and two western ones.

5. 32 exhibitors/vendors. We kept all the vendors/exhibitors from last year. New vendors were very glad to be there.

7. Volunteers were overflow.

8. The expenditure of $20,000 all covered through fundraising. And the festival breaks even.

9. Many attendees expressed that they really enjoyed the day.


We are in the process to access the festival, examine the weakness and strength, and to discuss about the Dragon Boat Festival 2004. We would appreciate your comments, suggestions, concerns and more. (Submit your opinion underline here put the email address. )

Here are some comments we would like to share with you:

I want to buy a bigger booth, 15x15 for next year.
----Thai Grill, food vendor.

...Thanks for organizing a super festival. Congratulations to everyone that participated.
----Larry E. Wentzel, Coach / 6 Left Engine-room Paddles Steel City Dragons

WHAT a GREAT FESTIVAL! ...great job. It seemed packed and the performances were wonderful and the food was delicious
----Amy Evans, Paddler, volunteer

I agree totally...the festival was amazing! It must be good to know that all of your hard work and preparation came together to make such an excellent event.
-----Rob Pinder, volunteer

You and your team are very well organized and execute your plans exceptionally well. I thought the grounds, vendors, stage presentations(the ones I could see) and folks that I met were terrific. You and your culture are so professional, polite and interesting, I really enjoyed your Festival and envision it growing each year you have it. You have earned..."A DIFFICULT JOB WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!
-----Bill G. (MC for the racing)

Sounds like the event went well all around. The after party was great, I did not get there till the end but there were 50+ people packed in the space and all talking about how good the event was. The athletes from out of town really enjoyed all the festival activities and food!
----Ben Ledewitz, TRRA Coach, festival graphics volunteer designer

We just wanted to let you know that you did a great job with the Dragon Boat Festival - It was an outstanding day! I heard many wonderful comments - the park really lent itself to a relaxed, intimate experience.... We were delighted to have the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful part of the Chinese community and culture. I hope everyone was pleased with the children's activities - any feedback will be helpful for our future planning. We are looking forward to next year!
-----Mrs & Mr. Poutous, Three Rivers Families with Children from China, children's area organizers, volunteers

My daughter and I enjoyed it!
------Gary, sound man for racing


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